The Body Language Experience

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What to Expect:

"The Body Language Experience completely shifted my world.  During the week, I experienced A LOT of change… physically, emotionally, mentally, and a big heart change as well. There were a lot of times that I felt uncomfortable or scared to share and use my voice in an exercise but Liana was always right there to guide me to a moment of triumph. Every morning she made sure that I knew how loved and seen I was, and she gave me the same reminder when I walked out. Liana really takes the time to get to know and invest herself wholeheartedly in every person that takes BLX.
Please take BLX if you are searching for something to fulfill your heart, mind, and soul. You will leave with your cup overflowing!"
      -- Hannah (BLX Alum)

BLX Breakdown

• Honest, individual attention and feedback everyday from Liana.
• Confronting & combating anxiety and fear.
• Finding authenticity and individuality in your voice. 
• Applying your voice in choreography, in your freestyle, and in your life!
• Dancing in and out of heels in choreography and fresstyle.
• SUGARFOOT Therapy exercises to prevent injuries, equipping your body for longevity and sustainability.
• Performance for an INDUSTRY PANEL and receive their individual feedback!
• Challenges and tools to make you comfortable with the uncomfortable.
• Building trust in yourself, awakening your true desires, reclaiming your power and what you have to offer.
• How to embrace and accept the unknown and take CONTROL of your life!
• FREE monthly online group follow-up meetings with Liana.
• Access to the BLeXcellence Membership accountability group.
• Access to ALUMNI only community classes and events.

"It was intimate, it was exhilarating, and my life will forever be changed because of it.”
    -- Taylor