Daily Dancer Diet 
It's Not a Diet, it's a Lifestyle

Nobody would have guessed that this Florida girl would have gone from being the most STUBBORN, PICKIEST little UNHEALTHY dancer you can imagine, to being a professional dancing, clean eating enthusiast on a journey to constantly discover her HEALTHY HAPPINESS while healing herself through FOOD!

I grew up in Florida with an incredible family who tried their darnedest to get me to eat better.  I trained in dance at my hometown studio since I was 3 years old. Then moved to the big city of Los Angeles at the ripe age of 17 where I began my pursuit of becoming a professional dancer.

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Here I am, still in Los Angeles...12 years and counting!  And I can proudly say that I have been able to support myself fully with DANCE since 2007, when I quit my last part-time job at Starbucks.  I have never had another "day" job since! 

I've been able to travel around the world with dance, and have visited all but ONE continent, ANTARCTICA, which I can't WAIT to see!  Along my journies I had been exposed to so many different and amazing cultures, people, and food.  However most of the food I ate was highly processed and FULL OF SUGAR - my biggest obssession.  

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In 2010, I got very sick

from something I ate while on a job in the Phillippines.   This event was just the beginning of my realization of how much the things I put into my body play a HUGE part of what I can get out of my body.

My skin started breaking out like crazy and my stomach was never the same.  I struggled with wanting to really continue to push myself in my career because I just didn't want to be seen...by anyone.  And being a professional dancer isn't really career that allows you to hide. Appearance is just as much a part of the job description as the talent, if not sometimes more.

I was so defeated that I was willing to do whatever it took to get control of my body and to no longer be victimized by anything that I had the ability to prevent. 

I needed results!!!

My best friend recommended I go to a holistic healthcare practitioner and get a completely different approach on wellness.  Everyone’s body is different, and needs different things for success.  As you can imagine, I had a lot of work to do if I wanted change.  From my diet, I cut out prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, processed food, you name it!  OH, and I want to make something very clear...this wasn't easy!  Yes, It has been a difficult journey, and it will always be a difficult journey.  However, I have seen incredible, life-changing results and it's only the beginning.  If our bodies aren't worth fighting for, then what is!?

DailyDancerDiet is an extension of this journey.  It allows me to connect with others who are also seeking healthy happiness.  I will strive to continue to make my body my number one priority by finding a balance. Instead of making excuses like I used to, I have learned enough to offer suggestions, and it is absolutely incredible!

We are all on the journey to Happy! 
Why not do it together?!  

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