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Hubba’s Chicken Soup



• 1 Whole Chicken

• 4 Stalks of Celery 

• ½ lb Spinach 

• 4 medium carrots

• Misc. Veggies (I usually put leftover broccoli stalks, some cabbage, or anything else in the fridge)

◦ Note here: have fun with this and use what you like.  Note that some veggies are more bitter or harsh like kale, arugula, mustard greens, and some others.  Try different things.  I use soups as a way to use leftover or wilting veggies too :)

• Salt

• Pepper

Items Needed:

Cooking pot with a strainer basket (“pasta pot” or similar)

Example Pot Link


• Take the large basket out of the cooking pot

• Fill pot about ¾ full (will depend on size of chicken) with water 

◦ Add 2 tbsp salt and bring to boil

• Clean the whole chicken

• Place the cleaned chicken in the large basket part of the pot

◦ If the giblets were included with the chicken you can place those in the basket as well if you’d like (tons of nutrients in the organs and neck bones!)

• Once water is boiling, slowly lower the basket with the chicken into the boiling water

◦ Be very careful not to overflow the boiling water.  Do the best you can to judge if the water will overflow when you put the chicken in it.  If so, take some water out before lowering the chicken into the pot.

• Lower water to a low simmer (some bubbles indicating boiling, but not vigorous) 

• Boil chicken for as long as possible

◦ I like to boil it overnight on low.  If you’d rather not do this, boil for a minimum of 3 hours.

• After boiling is done, turn water off 

• Slowly pull the basket with the chicken it in out of the pot

◦ For safety, you are best off to take the entire pot into the sink before removing the basket

◦ There is also usually some water inside the chicken itself, so hold the basket with the chicken over the pot and tilt it in different directions to get as much water out of the chicken as possible.

• Leave the chicken inside the basket in the sink for it to cool down

• Place the pot with water back on the stove and bring back to a simmer

• Cut up all veggies and add into boiling water

• Boil veggies in water for at least 1 hour

• Once chicken has cooled, pull meat off of bones 

• Put about half of the chicken meat back into the soup

◦ I usually save the rest for other meals :)

• Add salt and pepper to taste



• If you plan to blend the soup:

◦ You don’t have to worry about cutting the vegetables into small pieces

◦ After adding chicken back into the pot with the veggies, turn off heat and allow to cool before boiling

• If you don’t use a whole chicken and are just using pieces without bones, then you don’t need the pot with the basket.  In this case, you can put everything together (cook the chicken first though in the same way).  You could also use a crock pot in this case if you prefer.