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The Body Language Experience is something that lasts long after the week is over. It goes far beyond a dance intensive and pushes you to pose bigger questions for yourself and what you want in your life. BLX turned my world upside down and made me completely reanalyze my own path. I truly don’t even recognize myself from 5 months ago! Liana’s guidance and mentorship pushes you to continue moving forward; always leading with authenticity and truth. BLX gave me the courage to CHOOSE the life that I really want to go after rather than waiting for the opportunity to come. If you’re in a place of feeling stuck, confused, or are just in need of a huge wake up call, I could not recommend this enough!

Sydney Hale


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You may be wondering, "Is the Body Language Experience challenging?" Heck yes. "Is it worth it?" Yes, from someone who has taken many intensives, this one really left me feeling fulfilled and proud of all the things I overcame. I now have a toolbox of things that I use when I am dancing but also just being a human everyday.

The Body Language Experience completely shifted my world.  During the week, I experienced A LOT of change… physically, emotionally, mentally, and a big heart change as well. There were a lot of times that I felt uncomfortable or scared to share and use my voice in an exercise but Liana was always right there to guide me to a moment of triumph. Every morning she made sure that I knew how loved and seen I was, and she gave me the same reminder when I walked out. Liana really takes the time to get to know and invest herself wholeheartedly in every person that takes BLX. Even after the intensive, I am still in contact with my BLX ladies in addition to those who took the intensive before me!

Please take BLX if you are searching for something to fulfill your heart, mind, and soul. You will leave with your cup overflowing!

Hannah Pink


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I did the Body Language Experience about eight months ago and my life was completely changed. People who have taken BLX can understand the difficulty presented when trying to explain what “experience” they went through and why it was so extremely life changing. I will tell you my truth: I found clarity in who I am, not only as a dancer, but as a human being. Liana has a way of meshing the worlds of dance and life seamlessly. She creates a safe space, with safe people to grow and learn from. 

During the experience, my perspective on life shifted. She showed us that our messes can be used to create the most powerful messages, and that you should never wait to create. She does not just take your money. She genuinely wants to be there and mentor you on what has helped her throughout her career and her life. It is the most rewarding experience I have ever been a part of. She leaves you with tokens of knowledge during the process and a few tokens of her appreciation on the last day. They have been some of the most valuable tools I have received dancing in LA.  I wish I could put into words just how greatly BLX has changed my life. If you want to understand the magnitude of this experience, DO IT!!! I promise you will not regret it!

Carly Johnson


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BLX has reshaped how I live my life In every way, shape, and form. BLX gave me the tools I needed to continue to navigate my ever-changing wants and desires. It gave me full permission to explore the inner workings of my thoughts and beliefs. The space created was like nothing I had ever been able to witness. It was equally as transformational going trough it myself as it was watching my peers. Thats just scratching the surface. Since wrapping BLX I have found my love for my craft and MYSELF again. The journey still continues, small victories, continue to show up, and the community created is ever-growing...finding comfort in the industry knowing someone is right there to cheer each other on. 

Gina dePool


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BLX will forever be credited in my books as creating a monumental shift in my life. Not just in my career, but more importantly, as a person. Through a well-planned curriculum (largely unknown to us as we began!), Liana helped me clear up mental blocks I’d unknowingly created for myself and get specific on why it is I dance and how I want to use my voice to impact the masses.  

When I heard Liana was bringing BLX to New York, I signed up in a heartbeat! (Like, stood on the subway platform and missed multiple trains, so that I could submit my info the moment registration opened!) It’s a gift to be in Liana’s presence and learn from her vast experience and wisdom. Growth is inevitable when Liana is leading the way. 

Madison Embrey


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My experience with the body language experience was absolutely life-changing.  Talk about being comfortable with the uncomfortable!!! It was so mind-opening and beautiful to feel the discomfort and growth that was happening in the room between myself and the other dancers.  Liana creates the most positive, judge free, open space to explore yourself, not just a dancer, but as a human being.  We practiced rituals, meditation, injury prevention warmups, improv, the list goes on.  However, there is something unique about what Liana creates in the room. Yes, you work on your dancing and how to better yourself in an audition. But more importantly, you train your mind, perspective, and attitude.  I had more growth that week for my human than I had in a very long time. What goes on in the room during the Body Language Experience is pure MAGIC.

First week after BLX: What an intense feeling that was.  To be honest, I felt as though I had returned from some sort of retreat, or finished some sort of cleanse, or finally got rid of something or someone that was weighing on me.  Nonetheless, I felt fresh, inspired, and reborn.  All of the sudden, I was not putting pressure on myself to "book" a gig.  All of the sudden, I did not feel entitled to be somewhere I am not.  All of the sudden, I didn't feel "behind" in my journey of being a "booked" dancer. (Whatever that even means).  I felt content, I felt proud, and I felt ready to follow through with even the most simple of things in my own life, in my own control.  

That goes into my main feeling immediately following the intensive...I felt in control. I felt in control of not my journey, but my reactions, my decisions, and my attitudes towards things out of my control. I realized that the stupid pressure we put on ourselves as dancers is NOT helping. I do this because I love it.  Liana truly reminded me of that.  I don't do this for money.  If money comes with it, great, if not, also great.  This "in control" feeling changed my game completely.  My perspective shifted and my focus became more narrow with things that only drive me forward in my own process. 

After the experience, I worked on many jobs that truly inspired me; not because of luck, or knowing someone, but because of my own mentality and attitude that I am in complete control of!

Liana has created a safe, inspiring, and life-changing experience for all levels of artistry. I wouldn't pass up an experience like this!

Madi Maniff


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As a 56-year old just returning to dance after many years, I was really intimidated walking into a workshop with mostly 20-somethings, thinking I didn't belong there. By the end of the week I felt like I had rediscovered my love for dance, who I am as a woman and human being, and felt that I had found my place; I DID belong. When Liana focuses on you, you feel like she SEES you and cares deeply for you and your journey, and you can do absolutely anything -- and her energy is contagious!! In BLX I broke through so many fears that were holding me back and am so inspired to move forward in my dance career and in my life!

Paula Ayotte


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BLX created a safe space for me to get out of my comfort zone and start taking risks! I learned specific tactics to get out of my head and shine in high-pressure situations. With the mindfulness work, in combination with the networking strategies and creative techniques, I was able to hone in on WHO I AM and what I bring to the table. I have since booked my first National Musical Tour. This experience was SO worth the investment because I’m still using what I learned every day to become a better dancer and person. 

Laura Aronoff 

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Having the honor of being a part of the first ever BLX, I had no idea what to expect but I knew it would be incredibly inspiring and genuine, just like every class I experience from Liana. I had experienced several other dance workshops with incredible choreographers, but nothing compared to the personal and genuine experience that is BLX. Each day the focus was inward on ourselves - specifically paying attention to where our thoughts naturally drifted and how we can use this to our benefit. This was the focus in our “reset ritual” - an exercise BLXs foundation is built upon and is practiced each day of BLX. I was amazed with the revelations I was having each day and the peace that this exercise and Liana’s guidance brought me, not just as a “dancer” but as a human - this touched me deeply. This workshop came about during a time I was struggling with only identifying as a dancer and nothing more, and therefore not living up to my own expectations. Before experiencing BLX I felt like I had to have a one-track mind to be “successful” in the dance industry, and therefore happy. This experience broke me down in the most loving and nurturing way to discover that in fact no job, or form of “success”, will make me happy if I am not first at peace with myself. Liana provided a safe space for me to delve deeper into myself and realize that a dancer is not WHO I am, it is just simply a characteristic of mine that I cherish. This discovery was a huge turning point for me personally. I became so much more present in the aspects of my life outside of dance, and allowed myself to be okay with the concept that you do not have to earn money in your passion to be successful at it.  Having a passion at all is success in itself. Liana led me to a place that truly put the world in perspective for me, guiding me to free myself from my ego. This workshop is so much more than dance, it is truly a self-discovery workshop. I could not be more thankful for what Liana has meticulously designed with her gracious, authentic, and giving heart. Thank you, Liana! 

Sammy Nevin 

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Body Language, for me, was a journey to find my confidence. A challenge to overcome my fears of being judged. Liana creates a safe space to break these barriers and encourages you to bring out your inner badass. The knowledge I have gained has changed me as a person. I encourage all performers at all levels to rise to the challenge and join the Body Language Family! 

Brita Crain


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The Body Language Experience changed my life. It was something I never knew I needed at the time but altered the way I think, dance, and go about life. It is NOTHING like other intensives or workshops. It truly is an experience that uncovers what is holding you back and opens you up to growth and possibility. A game-changer in that I have never been a part of a workshop that allots for so much connection and one-on-one time. Liana is there step by step guiding through each exercise as she highlights that the power to create your own destiny is already within you. The best part is that even when the intensive is over, the experience is not. You gain lifelong friends and a mentor who holds check-ins to keep the process going. If you are looking to jumpstart the journey on achieving your goals, while having a badass group of women right by your side, then The Body Language Experience is exactly what you need.

Hailey Transue


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BLX was an experience like no other. I have done several intensives, and the thing that stood out most about BLX was that it focused so much on discovering yourself, not only in your career but in life. Liana gave us so much insight into how to love ourselves and know that we are enough and to always speak our truth through our movement. She helped us to live our lives in gratitude which has been the most life-changing thing for me. I have not been the same person since that week, I have a new sense of peace, gratitude, love, and validation for myself that I never had before in my life or my dancing. I walk into any situation knowing who I am and that has not only turned me into the person I was always supposed to be, but also the dancer I was always meant to be, and for that I am so grateful. 

Shannon Allen

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The supportive environment that Liana creates between her and the other dancers was unlike any other intensive I've done before. I was challenged to perform not just as a dancer, but as a human, so that by the final day I felt I had rediscovered why I dance in the first place. Since BLX, I approach classes and auditions in a more authentic way to myself, and choreographers have taken notice. BLX also gave me so many new friendships, so that now I see friendly faces in almost all the auditions and classes I go to. The support system created through consistent meet-ups after the intensive has helped me to realize many of my goals - including getting an agent and creative directing a passion project. 

Khayla Jordan Golucke